Curious little pine stand. Has the look of a home shop project from the 20's. 9"x9"x28"



Antique French plate stand rescued from oblivion. In pieces as the result of a collision with a large dog, the plate is long gone. Replaced here with a piece of old mirror. Lots of fine brass detail. Inlaid brass and brass rail trim. 16.5"x30"


Four drawer solid oak chest. Dovetailed joints. 17.5"x33"x40"


Lawyer's certificate for W. D. Justice. Issued October 5, 1911 for Nacogdoches County by the Sixth Supreme Judicial District.


Oak amoire with large drawer. Two pieces for easier handling. Nice beveled mirror. 19.5x50x75


A bar, a buffet or it could be used as a vanity. Black marble with white veining. Nice.


This old gold plaster front mirror is in very nice shape for it's age and it has a 1" bevel. The silver is still clear. 26"x49"


Nice variety of old mirrors, photos, etc.

$30 to $300

Handland lantern. Made in St. Louis USA.


The stereo-scope is the late 1800's equivalent of TV. Folks would sit around their parlour and take turns looking at picture of exotic places. We have many "views" available.

Sold Scope
$3.95 ea. view

WW I Calvary spurs. Still some of the original leather remaining. Very nice condition. Marked.


Cut limestone hitching posts rumored to have come from the Texas Governor's Mansion. One is 60" long and one is 57". Both posts are a tapered rectangle measuring approx. 9"x10" and tapering to 6.5"x8" at the top. The top is pyramidal with a 2.75" metal ring in the center. The arrows note where the ring has worn the stone away as it flipped from side to side. As seen in the photos, the corners are squared leaving rough stone slightly protruding in the middle. From the Abner Cooke* era.

Too late. They're now planted in our front yard.

*Designed TX governor's mansion, and other historic Austin homes.

Charm String, probably began late 1800's. Popular social activity of young women from around 1850 to 1900. One was to collect 999 buttons for your string. They had to be given to you by another person. This "String" is only 52" long. It contains glass, brass (some military), steel, hard rubber, perhaps some amber. Who knows what else. More photos available.

Accepting offers

There are numerous brass military buttons included in this string.

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