Couple of classic Kodaks from days gone by.

Top: Kodak 35 Sold

Kodak Bantam $49.95

From a tank like Kodak (the Medalist, designed for the military in 1941) to Polaroid's Big Shot, we have a nice variety. Classics all.

Come see.

Had it not been missing a few essential parts, this little beauty would be a couple hundered dollars. Alas, it's now a decorative object and only...




We have a lot of nice sterling silver rings with a variety of stones. Prices range $20-$100

Great selection of cuff links.

$32.95 pr.

More rings.

All sorts of silver stuff including this Peruvian sterling silver face pin.


Autographs of various members of Duke Ellington's band circa 1945 with accompanying newspaper articles about their appearances in California at the time.


Crazy detail went into this Native American work. Antler, feathers, beads...


Fenton blue opalescent and more.

Come see!

The Live Oak Festival promoted oak wilt awareness and was a fund raiser for battling the disease in the Travis Heights neighborhood late last century. This print (16x22) is by Guy Juke for the 1989 festival. You can check out more of his work at:

If my mountain cabin was built I'd have it haning there now.


"Serenata" 15"x18" oil on canvas.


Inspiration for this piece (aside from the current popularity of snap fastened western shirts) came from a gift of old zinc canning jar lids. Many of the lids were deteriorated beyond usefulness. However, inside each lid was a white glass seal. After salvaging dozens of these 2 1/2" disks, what to use them for...? 18.5"x29.75"

"Pearl Snaps" $295


Early in the history of Off the Wall we did custom woodwork, stained and etched glass. Over the years we evolved into the shop you see represented on this site today.

The workshop, repository of all the old tools and materials, accumulated layer after layer of stuff not in immediate need. Our little space of industry and creativity became STORAGE.

Recently, after much effort and excavation, the original floor was rediscovered. Tools and materials were uncovered, productive area reclaimed.

The result? The mildly whimsical "Pearl Snaps" stained glass piece pictured left and "Modified '57" pictured at right.

Memories of the Stubblefield twin's 1957 Chevy cruising down Highway 17 toward the mountains inspired this piece. 16"x41"

"Modified '57" $395

My brother Jim painted this picture in the late '50s, just before he went off to college at Rice. I watched him make the frame out of surveyor's stakes using the ping pong table on our back porch (which he also made) as his work table.

Assorted hat pins. Various lengths and materials.

$2.95 - $59.95

You shouldn't spend too much time thinking about your banking. 50's era penny bank from The City National Bank of Houston.
Vintage figurine of Rodin's "The Thinker"

Vintage watches, cuff links, sterling guitar pin and make yourself a sterling star. Turquoise rings.

We have a wide variety of salt and pepper shakers.

$4.95 & up

We can help make you sparkle. Estate jewelry.

Not your standard ax. This guitar is 8'2" and weighed 140 lbs. when the wood was green. Poplar, maple, walnut, oak, rosewood. The strings are copper and steel.


Old lobby display out of the Colorado Theater in Denver. Would have had a "gel" of current movie in the window and back lit.


Pipes, cigarette lighters, pocket knives, all great gift ideas.

$5 to $75

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