Lucchese Crocodile, low milage. 10 D


Roy & Dale say Howdy. They're sitting down because Trigger and Buttermilk have run off. Actually this is Pat. He usually drove the wagon.

Now they're Off the Wall greetersl

Lucchese elephant, near mint. 8 1/2 D


Creatures lurking among the minerals. Come see.

Classic Kodak slide reviewer.



What a cutter. 23" long and well made out of wood.



Summer Heat... Short sleeves are in order. We've got 'em. Hawaiians and pearl snaps! Traveling in your future? These will help.

$9.95 - $59.95


Whether you're from Texas or not, you need a good pair of boots and a western shirt (lots of pearl snaps). Maybe a hat too. Come check 'em out.

From $9.95

When the grid goes down and you need to do some calculating... we can help you out. Get your vintage slide rule right here. No batteries required. Also a very nice Brown & Sharpe square and accessories. $74.95

Rules range up to $39.95

Floor standing globe with nice wood stand.


Crosses and other religeous items along with a bunch of nice wooden boxes, etc.

The Red and Pink section topped off with a herd of salt and pepper shakers.

Cash Iron
Camp Coffee Pot
Vintage Prints

Just ducky.

$4.95 ea.

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